My name is Rudolph, I'm 20 years old. Don't care who you are and where you are from as long as you are chill. I'm a pretty random person I love what I do and am in love with life. Follow me and i follow you. Feel free to ask anything and I mean anything. I post anything that I find interesting but my post are heavy on the military and sex. So enjoy!!!
I love the way girls fuck. I love how they try so hard to be quiet, but when the right spot is stroked at exactly the right time, they can’t help but let a moan escape. I love how around family they’re so sweet and innocent, but in the bedroom they bite and moan like the bad girl they are. I love how she feels against me, and I love to hear how I feel against her. I love when our bodies combine as one and I can feel her soul intertwine with mine. I love the taste of her, I love her scent. I love the love scars she gives me. I love the way we make love.

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Someone sent me a message on Tumblr and I cant view it…….fuck.